Addiction Relapse

How to Rebuild Finances after Addiction

Substance abuse can take a toll on many aspect of a person’s life – family, friends, employment, personal health and romantic relationships can all suffer greatly as a result of addiction. If you have sought recovery and are able to maintain sobriety, you have ...

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Signs of Heroin Use and Addiction

Heroin has a bad rap – and rightfully so. Its reputation often exceeds the actual facts when it comes to what most really know about the drug. What most people do know is that it’s highly addictive, but not as many realize that it ...

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There Is More to Substance Abuse Recovery Than Abstinence

Attitudes about people amid substance abuse recovery have changed over time. It used to be thought that having a substance addiction should be seen as shameful or even disgraceful. People used to think that it was simple for people to just stop using – ...

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