• how do I know if I'm enabling my husband

How Do I Know if I’m Enabling My Husband?

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Helping vs Hurting Are You Enabling Your Husband's Addiction? Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is undeniably one of the most difficult things a person can go through. If you are currently ...

  • quitting caffeine in early recovery

Quitting Caffeine While in Early Recovery

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Stale coffee is as much a staple of Alcoholics Anonymous as celebrating sober anniversaries and warmly welcoming the newcomers. In fact, there have actually been numerous scientific research studies conducted on this very topic. ...

  • How to Stay Sober With Chronic Pain

How to Stay Sober While Going Through Chronic Pain

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What is Chronic Pain? When you experience any degree of pain, your central nervous system is letting your brain know that something might be wrong. Everyone experiences pain on occasion. Pain can be sharp ...

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