Princeton Detox & Recovery Center is committed to working closely with CareFirst Healthcare to help cover the cost of treatment and ensure its affordability. Your healthcare plan and your individualized treatment plan are as unique as you are. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with navigating both.

CareFirst insures 3.3 million members in the mid-Atlantic region. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield licensee offers a comprehensive portfolio of health plans through both the Health Insurance Marketplace and employers. Your plan may be branded as BlueChoice, BluePreferred, HealthyBlue or another name depending upon the state in which your plan originated.

Behavioral Health benefits, including treatment for drug or alcohol dependency, are included among the CareFirst health benefits for all individual plans. In most cases, CareFirst also covers prescription drug benefits related to detoxification and ease of withdrawal symptoms.

Your plan may require that you receive pre-authorization for certain non-emergency services. In such cases Princeton Detox & Recovery will work directly with CareFirst to assist you with receiving the permissions you need. It is our goal to get you into treatment as soon as possible, and we will do all we can to be as flexible as possible in working with your CareFirst health insurance provider.

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The exact benefits and limits of your CareFirst Healthcare plan are specific to you. These benefits are best understood by speaking with a Princeton Detox & Recovery Treatment Advisor.

Variables to Substance Abuse Treatment costs may include:

  • Your plan’s CareFirst Behavioral Health Benefits
  • Your copayment or coinsurance amounts as outlined in your plan handbook
  • Past use of coverage for substance use disorder treatment
  • Detoxification medications needed
  • The length of your residential treatment stay
  • Therapy and other services included in your treatment plan

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CareFirst members with individual plans will have either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum level plan. Typically, platinum level plans offer the lowest deductibles and copayment amounts, while bronze level plans have higher deductibles, with lower monthly premiums. Your deductible is the amount you must pay before your health insurance benefits are applied. Your copayment is a pre-designated one-time fee for any particular service or benefit.

Whether your plan is employer-based or purchased through the health insurance Marketplace, it will be designated as an HMO or PPO. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans will apply the maximum coverage when the provider you see is within the CareFirst network. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans will typically cover visits to any provider equally.

At Princeton Detox & Recovery, we can provide you with a thorough understanding of your insurance benefits as they apply to your stay with a simple, confidential 20-minute phone call. Call (888) 693-1769 with your health insurance-related questions to see what type of coverage your CareFirst policy will provide for your stay.

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To best understand your CareFirst Healthcare benefits, call us with the following:

  • Patient’s full name and date of birth
  • The CareFirst policy holder’s name
  • The CareFirst Member ID or policy number

Rest assured that we take your confidentiality seriously and adhere to all privacy and HIPAA regulations. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we believe that treatment should be affordable for everyone, and we’ll do our best to minimize your out-of-pocket expense.
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