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First Health Network is a national insurance company that provides individuals and families with a wide range of medical practitioners and services. First Health is dedicated to lowering healthcare costs by focusing on quality and value and the network covers a wide variety of medical needs, from allergy specialists to behavioral health facilities like Princeton Detox and Recovery Center. First Health is a PPO network, meaning that those who are covered are able to access healthcare providers that are either in or out of the network. If a detox facility or drug and alcohol rehab are in network, this means that the services they offer are fully or partially covered. The services that Princeton Detox and Recovery Center provide are in First Health’s network – meaning that there is a very good chance they will be covered in their entirety.

We understand that once you or your loved one commits to seeking professional help, there will be little mental and emotional energy left with which to sort out the finer details. Fortunately, our team of experienced and compassionate Treatment Advisors are available to help in any and every way possible. As soon as you give us a call they will conduct a free, no obligation insurance benefit check to determine how much of our recovery program is covered. As soon as coverage is sorted out we set a time and a date for intake and begin developing viable travel plans. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center we believe that quality clinical care should be readily available to everyone who is suffering at the hands of a progressively worsening substance abuse disorder. We work with many major insurance providers to ensure that quality care is easily accessible. To learn more, give us a call today or submit this online insurance verification form.

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Medical Detox

Medically monitored detox is a necessary first step on every journey of recovery. In medical detox an individual will be physically stabilized as he or she undergoes all symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal in a safe or supportive environment. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center we provide a comprehensive and highly individualized medical detox program, geared towards helping men and women of all ages and walks of life overcome symptoms associated with withdrawal and successfully transition into the next appropriate level of clinical care. Our clinical and medical treatment program is integrated, and focuses on mental and emotional health as well as the physical implications of substance abuse and dependency.

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A study published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism titled, “An Overview of Outpatient and Inpatient Detoxification” explains the importance of inpatient detox when it comes to alcohol abuse. The symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening when not constantly overseen by an experienced team of medical professionals. This is also true of benzodiazepine withdrawal. We also treat symptoms of withdrawal associated with prescription drugs, stimulant drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine, opiates like painkillers, heroin and fentanyl, hallucinogenic drugs and marijauna. Regardless of what substance was being abused, the severity of abuse and any underlying, contributing factors, Princeton Detox and Recovery Center has developed a comprehensive and individualized program specially designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery refers to a long-term, multi-phased continuum of clinical care that is specifically geared towards helping individuals overcome alcohol and drug addiction. The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study that explores the five main phases of addiction treatment. Treatment is divided into three stages: the early, middle and late stages.

The phases of addiction recovery are typically as follows:

We offer a multi-phased continuum of care that is either partially or fully covered by major insurance companies like First Health Network.

Programs Covered by First Health Network

  • Medical detox: Medically monitored detox is the first stage of every successful long-term recovery process. During medical detox clients are closely monitored by a team of medical professionals, and they undergo a safe and pain-free withdrawal in a secure, private and homestyle setting.
  • Addiction treatment services: At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center we offer a wide range of addiction treatment services, all geared towards helping our clients prevent relapse and maintain long-term and fulfilled recovery.
  • Comprehensive aftercare planning: No treatment program is complete without in-depth aftercare planning. In most cases, this will include a transition from medical detox to inpatient treatment and a wide variety of additional, recovery-related services.
  • Case management services: Upon admission to our medical detox or inpatient treatment facility, clients are assigned a case manager who will walk them through every single stage of the recovery process.
  • In-depth clinical and medical assessments: As soon as a client is admitted to our treatment center, he or she will undergo an in-depth clinical and medical assessment. During this assessment, our clinical team asks the client a specifically designed set of questions that illuminates personal history with substance abuse, underlying mental health disorders and all other contributing factors.
  • Therapeutic services: We offer individual, group and family therapy services to each of our clients.

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In-Network Insurance Coverage

When a provider or a treatment service is “in-network,” it simply means that the provider or service is covered by a specific health insurance company. For example, the services that Princeton Detox & Recovery Center offer are covered by most national health insurance companies like First Health Network. It is important to conduct an insurance benefit check regardless of who you are currently insured with. If you have attended a medical detox or inpatient treatment program in the past, you may not be covered in full. Simply give our Treatment Advisors a call and they will provide you with a free insurance benefit check with absolutely no obligations.

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We understand how overwhelming the financial components of a comprehensive recovery program can seem to our clients and their loved ones. For this reason, we work closely alongside national health insurance providers like First Health Network in order to provide the highest level of clinical care available to all those who require medical detox and inpatient treatment services. If you or someone you love has been suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder of any severity, Princeton Detox & Recovery Center is available to help. Give us a call and our Treatment Advisors will conduct a brief pre-assessment over the phone, which helps us determine which level of clinical care is the most appropriate for each unique case. Once the assessment is complete and it is determined that our program of recovery is a good fit, we conduct a brief insurance benefit check and set up a date and time for intake.

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Our main priority is making the entire recovery process as straightforward and stress-free as possible from medical detox to aftercare. We understand that committing to treatment is a major decision, and that doing so can be somewhat overwhelming in and of itself. For this reason we are available to take care of all the fine details. Give us a call today at (888) 693-1769 to begin your own personal journey of lifelong addiction recovery.