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As a Guardian Recovery Network facility, individualized, compassionate care is a cornerstone of our philosophy –and one of the main reasons why the men and women who complete our medical detox program have such high success rates when it comes to long-term sobriety. Our medical detox program is tailored to the unique needs of each individual client, which are uncovered in a detailed assessment upon treatment admission. It has been repeatedly proven that inpatient detox is an essential first step for those looking to recover from a substance abuse disorder of any severity. The withdrawal process is extremely uncomfortable regardless of which substances are involved, and withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening if not adequately treated in a medically monitored setting.

At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care in a comfortable setting – one conducive to comprehensive healing. Our individualized style of care ensures that all underlying issues are being thoroughly addressed, and that the withdrawal process will be as pain-free as possible.

In our state-of-the-art addiction treatment center, clients are encouraged to participate in a wide range of residential addiction treatment services. Part of our commitment to providing individualized care includes treating the whole person — not just the addiction — in order to lay the groundwork for successful, long-term recovery.

Upon arrival at our facility, each individual client will undergo an in-depth evaluation conducted by our team of clinical professionals. This evaluation will help us determine which combination of inpatient detox services will be the most beneficial. Some of the services we offer include:

Therapeutic Care

Our team of educated, experienced addiction specialists rely on a range of evidence-based therapies to effectively treat addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Clients will be encouraged to participate in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including a combination of traditional therapeutic methods and holistic approaches to recovery. Some traditional therapeutic modalities we employ include individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavioral therapy. We believe that emotional healing should begin to occur in the very first stage of the overall recovery process. Some of the holistic approaches we utilize include yoga, art therapy, mindfulness and meditation. This specialized combination of traditional and alternative methods of addiction recovery has proven extremely effective in laying the foundation for a lifetime of fulfilled recovery.

Once a client has been physically stabilized and deemed fit to move onto the next phase of recovery, our case managers will help determine which level of care will be the most appropriate. We provide comprehensive aftercare services – our involvement does not simply end when the medical detox process is complete. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the support and compassion they deserve every step of the way.

Comfort – Always a Priority

At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we want our clients to feel comfortable as possible in their current surroundings. We offer a variety of amenities geared towards ultimate comfort. The withdrawal process is physically and psychologically taxing, and we deeply understand how important feeling safe and supported will be during the first phase of the recovery process (as well as the remainder of the process, of course). Some of the amenities we provide include private bedrooms, in-room televisions and a state-of-the-art kitchen, which is always fully stocked and available to clients around the clock. Our compassionate staff members will be available 24/7 in order to ensure that the needs or each individual client are being met.

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Ongoing Support for Long-Term Recovery

At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we believe in beginning to set a solid foundation for a lasting recovery as soon as a client is admitted to our program. The main goal of addiction recovery is to help an individual who has been struggling at the hands of substance dependency go on to live a fulfilled, happy and substance-free lives. We believe that the first time in medical detox should also be the last, and that long-term sobriety is always attainable when a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan is in place. From the onset of treatment, we will begin teaching our clients the coping skills they need in order to avoid relapse, succeed in recovery and easily transition to the next appropriate level of care. We ensure that every client leaves our facility with the tools he or she needs to stay sober for years to come.

Medically monitored detox is only the very first step on the road to recovery – but it is a crucial step. Attempting to manage symptoms of withdrawal on your own can be extremely dangerous, and more often than not will lead to relapse. If you have been struggling with a substance abuse disorder and are looking for an easy transition from ceased use to inpatient treatment, we are available to help. Our services and amenities are geared towards comfort and efficiency, and expertly pave the road to long-term recovery.

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