Princeton Detox &

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Princeton Detox & Recovery Center is the Tri-State Area’s leading addiction treatment detox center.
Our expert Addiction Specialists and unprecedented emphasis on individualized care will give our clients a viable path to recovery.

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An Unwavering Commitment to

Individualized Care

Our dedication to providing individualized care is what drives us. No two clients are exactly alike, and no two recovery plans can mirror one another. We put a great deal of attention into getting to know our clients and their families so we can provide a real plan for recovery at our drug and alcohol detox center. Helping people heal in ways that are most effective and beneficial to them is at the core of what we do.

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Our newly built, state of the art facility is the perfect place to recover. Every aspect of our facility was designed to provide amenities and an atmosphere that enhances the recovery journey. You will find new comfortable beds, relaxing lounges, cafeteria with onsite chef and a fully staffed medical center. Princeton Detox & Recovery Center offers a home-style retreat combined with expert medical care to allow clients to be completely relaxed and comfortable during their drug & alcohol detox.

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Our Results Stem From Our Approach

Experience Individualized Care

We believe our commitment to providing high-quality individualized care is what helps our clients recover and enjoy a lifetime of sobriety. Simply put, our methods work. Speaking with a Recovery Specialist at our detox center in New Jersey to take the first step.

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