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Methamphetamine Detox

Methamphetamine withdrawal is extremely uncomfortable, and can result in life-threatening complications if not treated by a team of experienced medical professionals. Methamphetamine – more commonly referred to as meth or crystal meth – is a powerful stimulant drug that produces a host of side effects, including reduced appetite, increased alertness, intense paranoia, feelings of euphoria and severe mood swings. This specific chemical substance is extremely addictive, and those that take the drug even several times are liable to develop a tolerance, which often leads to more use. Meth users will also experience withdrawal symptoms upon ceased use, even if the substance was not abused for an extended period of time.

Acute meth withdrawal can include a host of physically and psychologically pervasive symptoms, such as flu-like symptoms, tremors, paranoia and hallucinations and even suicidal ideation. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we are dedicated to alleviating these symptoms to the very best of our ability while ensuring that each individual client is as comfortable as possible. Our comprehensive program of meth addiction recovery caters to those who are in need of quality, clinical care in order to overcome their dependence and go on to lead a happy, healthy life.

Crystal Meth Withdrawal Timeline

There are a great deal of long-term effects when it comes to persistent meth abuse. One of the most significant effects is withdrawal, which refers to a host of symptoms that will occur at the onset of detoxification. The symptoms of meth withdrawal will begin to present themselves within roughly 24 hours after the last dose is taken. Initially, the afflicted individual will experience increased fatigue, and may sleep more often and for longer periods of time than is normal. Within the first one to three days, psychological symptoms, such as feelings of depression and intense anxiety may start to set in.

At around the fourth day of the detoxification process, symptoms will begin to grow increasingly severe. Cravings and mood swings become more prominent, and in some instances, more detrimental psychological symptoms – such as paranoia – will begin to take hold. It is extremely important for psychological symptoms to be treated by a team of medical professionals and licensed psychiatrists. Meth withdrawal has been known to lead to long-term mental health issues if not overseen around the clock and treated accordingly.

Once an individual begins to approach the second full week of withdrawal, he or she may begin to notice more disrupted sleep patterns. Regardless of how effective the detox treatment is, it is not uncommon for depression and intense cravings to continue on for one or several months after the medically monitored detox process concludes. Seeing as meth is one of the most addictive chemical substances available, transferring from medical detox directly into an inpatient treatment facility is highly advised. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we work to make this transition as simple and straightforward as possible by offering detailed aftercare planning.

Our staff of highly trained and compassionate professionals understands the process of meth addiction recovery from start to finish, and is on-hand and ready to help 24/7.

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A Proven, Three-Phase Process

Princeton Detox & Recovery Center follows a proven three-phase detox process:

  • Evaluation – Each client is assessed on admission to determine personal background and history, any potential underlying disorders and individualized needs and detox requirements. All medically relevant details will be documented for future evaluation.
  • Stabilization – During stabilization, each client will work towards physically and psychologically stabilizing with the help of a team of qualified and compassionate professionals. If deemed necessary medication assisted treatment will be administered, and clients will have the opportunity to engage in group and one-on-one therapy sessions. Comfort is always the number one priority. With each individual patient’s drug and medical information documented, the staff will be able to effectively develop a personalized aftercare/continuing treatment plan.
  • Transition – We work to make the transition into the next appropriate level of care as simple and seamless as possible. We offer individualized and intensive aftercare planning for this very purpose. In most instances, those who were struggling with meth addiction will benefit from attending in inpatient rehab facility immediately after completing medical detox (becoming physically stabilized).

24-Hour Supervision

At the Princeton Detox & Recovery Center’s inpatient facility, clients will be provided with 24-hour clinical care, support and monitoring. By consistently observing what symptoms the patient is experiencing, our medical staff will be completely ready to react appropriately should an unexpected – or expected – event occurs.

In some situations, we may see fit to reduce or switch the medication(s) that are currently being administered. During the entire course of the detoxification process, we will offer personalized clinical care that closely adheres to each client’s individual needs. We understand that needs and requirements will constantly shift and change, and we are more than ready to adapt in any way necessary.

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Rehabilitation Focuses on the Individual

Individuals who are new to recovery will need to learn and develop a set of tools and life skills that allow them to successfully maintain meth addiction recovery for years to come. Relapse prevention is crucial to long-term recovery. We provide specific therapeutic services geared towards ensuring that each individual is receiving the tools he or she needs to succeed in both the short and long-term. This will often include tools geared towards helping individuals understand and manage the psychological effects of methamphetamine addiction and all of the ins and outs of recovery. It is extremely helpful for each client to understand the underlying causes and effects of their personal addictive disorder, and be made aware of what they can expect going forward and what steps they can take to further enhance their recovery journey.

Meth Addiction Treatment at Princeton Detox & Recovery Center

Our medical team and experienced therapeutic staff at the Princeton Detox & Recovery Center has the experience, insight and professional expertise to help those who have been struggling with stimulant abuse or dependency overcome their addictions and go on to lead happy and fulfilled lives. Our clinical staff members have collective decades of experience working with substance abuse disorders of all severities. Our main priority is helping pave the road for lifelong recovery while making the meth withdrawal process as pain-free as possible.

Our therapists and case managers use their extensive experience to help provide a solid foundation needed for a successful, long-term recovery.

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