Family Dynamics

When a person enters treatment for addiction, they aren’t the only one who needs help. Addiction impacts families too, and they need to confront the effects their loved one’s addiction have had on their lives.

Our family therapy program is designed to give the family a deeper understanding of the science of addiction and the challenges their loved one experiences. We provide an environment where families can speak candidly without having to feel embarrassed, resentful or guilty. A family therapist will provide guidance to:

  • Understand the disease of addiction
  • Improve communication
  • Discuss difficult topics
  • Improve relationships
  • Resolve conflict
  • Learn coping skills
  • Avoid enabling behaviors
  • Provide support

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How Family Therapy Works

During family therapy, the therapist will focus on the family’s strengths to incite positive changes to the family dynamic. Positive changes tend to lead to more positive changes, which benefits everyone participating.

Addiction damages family ties, so the therapist will work with the client and their loved ones to confront the problems in their relationships and help them rebuild trust and improve communication. We provide a safe space where families can immediately get to work to resolve deep-seated, sensitive, underlying issues.

We also take time to educate families on the risks of enabling, codependency and other unhealthy patterns. Oftentimes, these behaviors are what lead to addiction in the first place, and they can increase the risk of relapse.

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The Importance of Family Therapy

Addiction disrupts the family dynamic. When one member of the family is struggling with addiction, the rest of the family is affected. It’s crucial that they entire family be involved in treatment so they can not only gain an understanding of the disease and their loved one’s suffering, but repair relationships and learn how to be supportive moving forward.

Families serve as built-in support systems, which is why family is such a valuable resource for someone in recovery. A solid family foundation gives clients the support and motivation they need to be successful in recovery.

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