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anthem health insuranceAs a chronic disease, addiction needs to be treated in the same way that other chronic conditions are treated. It is not unlike diabetes or heart disease – addiction treatment requires ongoing management and comprehensive care to avoid relapse. Receiving treatment in Princeton Detox & Recovery Center is an affordable and effective way to get your life or the life of a loved one back on track.

A top of mind concern for many people is cost, but it’s important to know that most health insurance companies offer some degree of coverage for addiction treatment services. Anthem serves more than 73 million Americans through its affiliated health plans. As one of the largest health companies in America, Anthem recognizes the major role it can play in ensuring as many people as possible have access to comprehensive health coverage – including coverage for substance abuse treatment services.

What Benefits Does Anthem Offer for Addiction Treatment at Princeton Detox and Recovery Center?

Fighting addiction is one of the most difficult battles a person could ever face, but with the right treatment and programs, long-term sobriety is possible. The key to success is having services be as accessible as possible. Anthem and its affiliated health plans provide comprehensive cost coverage for many services offered in substance abuse treatment facilities – including Princeton Detox & Recovery Center

Comprehensive behavioral health coverage is crucial for ensuring success in addiction treatment. This includes coverage for mental health conditions, which often accompany addiction and can undermine recovery if they go untreated. Common conditions for which Anthem covers treatment include anxiety, depression and personality disorders.

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The primary features of Anthem’s behavioral health coverage include:

  • Great access to a fully vetted network of specialty behavioral health providers
  • Access to both acute care and free-standing specialty hospitals.
  • Care managers who are licensed and experienced in health management.
  • Substance abuse and mental health treatment in approved facilities, including services offered at Princeton Detox & Recovery Center.
  • Coverage for different levels of substance abuse treatment facilities, including partial, intensive outpatient and residential treatment.
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How can I find out what services are covered with Anthem at Princeton Detox and Recovery Center?

Deciding to pursue addiction treatment and lifelong recovery is a big decision. It requires a lot of strength. When you or your loved one are ready to take the leap, you’ll want to minimize the amount of “unexpected” that can pop up along the way. Contacting our insurance specialist team is a great way to have a clear picture of your financial benefits and obligations.

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Here are some questions regarding addiction treatment insurance coverage:

  • Inquire about what levels of care are considered covered addiction treatment services. Ask about assessment, detoxification services, treatment settings, and any applicable hospital coverage.
  • Clarify what you should expect when it comes to co-pays, deductibles, and maximum out-of-pocket expenses.

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