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Cocaine withdrawal might not result in the same severe physical symptoms that withdrawal from other chemical substances does, but the detoxification process from cocaine abuse or addiction undeniably comes with a set of psychological and health-related issues of its own. In most instances, acute cocaine withdrawal will result in more psychological symptoms than physical symptoms. While cocaine withdrawal is not generally life threatening, it can be extremely uncomfortable, and the psychological and health-related symptoms must be treated in a medically monitored detoxification facility.

Effects of Cocaine Withdrawal

The effects of cocaine withdrawal are typically experienced very quickly after the detox process begins. Cocaine has a very short half-life, meaning that the withdrawal effects can be felt as quickly as 90 minutes after the last dose is used. Individuals who have been struggling with a cocaine abuse disorder benefit from entering into a medical cocaine detox program immediately upon ceased use, in order for withdrawal symptoms to begin being treated as quickly as they begin and in order to prevent potential relapse.

Individualized Clinical Care

Princeton Detox & Recovery Center focuses on individualized care. We understand that every client is different and the detoxification methods and modalities that prove effective for one individual may not be as beneficial for another. Upon admission, we provide each client with a detailed and in-depth clinical and medical assessment, geared towards effectively identifying specific needs and requirements. We understand the mental and physical discomfort that each client will be going through during the withdrawal process, and we will do everything in our power to alleviate all discomfort and facilitate healing. Each personal experience will be different, depending on the length and severity of use. It is our job to provide individualized clinical care that caters to all personal needs.

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Inpatient Medical Detox

When it comes to cocaine withdrawal, the 24-hour supervision and compassionate support that medical detox provides is always the most appropriate path to take. Attempting to detox without medical supervision can result in complications as well as relapse. We recommend inpatient medical detox in the case that:

  • The patient has experienced a relapse during a past withdrawal attempt
  • The patient has attempted to cut back or quit with limited or no success
  • The patient has a history of depression or suicidal ideation (cocaine withdrawal often leads to psychological symptoms, some that can be life-threatening if not adequately treated)

Short or long-term cocaine abuse is liable to do extensive damage to the brain, disrupting the natural release of dopamine and therefore leading to feelings of intense sadness and depression. In cases such as this, the client is at a higher risk of suicide, and having a highly-trained medical and psychiatric team to assist with treatment becomes truly invaluable. Our staff understands the process of cocaine withdrawal thoroughly, is cross-trained in mental health and the psychological symptoms of withdrawal, and is available to help around the clock.

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The Length of Cocaine Detox

The length of time that an individual will spend in cocaine detox will of course depend on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, which will reflect a number of differing factors. These factors include the length of time the substance was being used, the severity of use, any underlying mental health conditions, family history and any existing co-occurring addictive disorders. For example, if an individual was using cocaine in conjunction with alcohol, the symptoms of withdrawal will be more severe. If a patient has been using cocaine for a short period of time and has been using it in relatively small amounts, the detox process may be significantly shorter. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we offer personalized cocaine detox programs that cater to all unique and individualized needs and requirements.

Cocaine Detox at Princeton Detox & Recovery Center

Our detox center is dedicated to helping men and women of all ages begin recovery from cocaine abuse and addiction. From the initial consultation to the conclusion of inpatient treatment, Princeton Detox & Recovery Center has the expertise, experience and insight to see each patient through all of the crucial the beginning phases of cocaine addiction recovery.

Our clinical staff has decades of collective medical, pharmacological and therapeutic experience. We have spent years developing an effective cocaine detoxification program that is both individualized and comprehensive. Those who are struggling with a cocaine abuse disorder of any severity would greatly benefit from beginning their own personal recovery journey with a clinically proven detox program. Not only will this help set them up for long-term success, but it will make what is often the most difficult part of the recovery process as pain-free as possible. Depending on the severity of the substance abuse disorder, we will utilize a number of proven modalities, including pharmacological approaches when deemed necessary.

As a part of the Guardian Recovery Network, we hold ourselves to an extremely high set of clinical standards. Our program is accredited and effective, and we take great pride in providing a professional level of care in a compassionate and completely supportive environment. Princeton Detox & Recovery Center is a premier cocaine detox center focused on providing each individual client with the comfort and care they deserve.

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