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Marijuana is a commonly used recreational drug, one that is now legal across the majority of the US. Because this substance is so frequently used, many believe that it is not harmful or addictive. While marijuana is less addictive than other chemical substances, it can cause psychological dependency that can truly disrupt an individual’s well-being. Many argue that detoxification from marijuana does not exist, and that those who use marijuana can easily quit with no (or few) symptoms of withdrawal. On the contrary, heavy marijuana use can lead to symptoms of withdrawal, symptoms that will need to be monitored in a medical detoxification setting.

Marijuana is a brain-altering substance, and for some, heavy use can develop into a powerful psychological addiction. Princeton Detox & Recovery Center is dedicated to helping men and women of all ages overcome marijuana dependence and go on to lead happy, productive and substance-free lives.

Symptoms of Marijuana Detox

As is the case with any chemical substance, abruptly ceasing marijuana use after a long period of heavy use will result in a host of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are definitely not as life-threatening as the symptoms of withdrawal attached to other chemical substances, but they certainly do exist. Some symptoms of marijuana withdrawal include irritability, depression, headaches, insomnia and decreased appetite.

It is important that marijuana withdrawal is overseen by a team of medical professionals, despite the fact that symptoms will generally not be physically dangerous. Psychological symptoms can be more severe, and might include anxiety, panic attacks, depression or suicidal ideation.

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No “Quick Fix”

Because marijuana is used so widely and because it is legal in most states, many mistakenly believe the chemical substance is completely safe to use, and that ceasing use will not result in withdrawal symptoms of any kind. Some individuals who have been using excessive amounts of marijuana and attempt to quit on their own will recognize a major shift in the functioning of their physical body and mental health. In order to combat withdrawal symptoms, they may attempt to rid the substance from their body by relying on mythical methods of detoxification, such as drinking excessive amounts of cranberry juice in order to “flush the system.”

There are also much misinformation in circulation regarding “quick fixes” to help rid the body of marijuana and detoxify the system in a short period of time. The truth of the matter is, marijuana is stored in the body’s fat cells for quite some time; there is truly no “quick fix” that will allow you to rid the substance from the system. While marijuana withdrawal is not necessarily dangerous, the amount of the drug that remains in the body can lead to cravings, and in turn, relapse.

Treatment That Works

In order for inpatient treatment to be successful, marijuana (and all other chemical substances) must be successfully cleared from the system. When it comes to quitting cold turkey without the aid of medical professionals, marijuana withdrawal symptoms will not be life-threatening. However, it is advised that those who have been struggling with a marijuana dependence seek professional medical detox services in spite of this. Why? Because the psychological symptoms of marijuana withdrawal can be severe, and these are the symptoms that generally lead an individual straight back to using before the detoxification process is complete.

A decline in mental health is the most common side effect of marijuana withdrawal. An individual who ceases use abruptly might experience feelings of intense sadness and depression, a lack of motivation, changes to sleep patterns, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and increased irritability or agitation. Our team of licensed therapists will help clients successfully work through all of these uncomfortable symptoms in a safe and supportive setting.

At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we heave extensive experience dealing with individuals who have been engaging in heavy marijuana use and need help to successfully quit. We understand that coming to terms with a marijuana dependence can prove to be difficult, seeing as the substance is the most commonly used recreational drug in the country. Additionally, admitting a personal struggle with marijuana can be difficult because there is such a great amount of misinformation in circulation, predominantly regarding the drug’s “non-addictive” nature. Marijuana dependence is real and serious, and our highly trained staff will do everything in their power to help each and every individual client overcome what they need to overcome in order to go on and lead the healthy and productive life they deserve.

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Marijuana Detox and Princeton Detox & Recovery Center

Princeton Detox & Recovery Center deals with drug addictions of all severities and and rehabilitation programs of all kinds, and will gladly assist individuals who are looking to overcome marijuana dependence and go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Again, marijuana withdrawal is not life-threatening, but it can be extremely uncomfortable and prove psychologically challenging. Our highly trained staff members are equipped to deal with withdrawal symptoms of all kinds, from psychological and emotional symptoms to health-related symptoms. Our detoxification center is part of the Guardian Recovery Network, which provides a clinical continuum of care perfect for those who have been struggling with marijuana dependence and are looking for an effective – and potentially slightly less intensive – drug addiction treatment program. We provide medical detox, individual and group therapy, family support and extensive aftercare planning.

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