Drug Detox

The Princeton Detox & Recovery Center is a haven of excellence and experience for treatment of substance abuse and rehabilitation. Situated in the center of the state of New Jersey, it’s easily accessible and provides patients with a safe, secure and confidential environment in which to recover and to create a plan for sustainable long-term success.

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At Princeton Detox & Recovery, we are experts at treating patients who abuse substances such as, but not limited to:

  • Prescription Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamines
  • Marijuana

Our Philosophy

We believe in treating patients individually. Each patient’s individual needs, circumstances and requirements form the basis of our personalized treatment plans. Our methodology has been repeatedly proven effective for dealing with the most difficult of situations.

Residential Care

Our state-of-the-art residential facility and 24-hour staff helps patients who are at their most vulnerable through the worst symptoms of detoxification and into a program of rehabilitation.

Patients receive the benefit of continuous monitoring when they most need it, as well as complete and compassionate care while they are under medical detox supervision.

Our inpatients will also experience our comfortable home-like residence following acute drug addiction treatment detox, when they are still in need of medical support, but have passed the point of crisis.

Our Staff

The Princeton Detox & Recovery Center has an exceptionally well-trained staff who truly understands the individual’s challenges, and may have even shared their goals.

Our clinicians, doctors, nurses and therapists are accredited, licensed, and above all, experienced in dealing with addiction issues and resolutions.

A Case Manager is assigned to each patient upon arrival. They act as a single point of contact for family members, and more importantly, they are the patient’s advocate and guide throughout the treatment process.

Long-Term Recovery

Our clinical staff will help patients through medically supervised and non-medically supervised detox, keeping in mind that initial detox is only the first stage of long-term care. A program for continued care is set in place once treatment is complete. Therapy, whether individual, family, or group therapies, are typically a large part of successful after-care, with additional assistance provided to help recently rehabilitated persons with re-integration into society.

Some assistance is provided in-house, with other help provided by outside sources. Our Case Managers have the connections, compassion and ability to assist patients with their re-integration and management of a drug-free future. They often provide help with finding the patient sober living accommodations, advising on external therapies, and many additional outpatient requirements as needed by the individual.

Princeton Detox & Recovery Center as Part of the Guardian Recovery Network

The Guardian Recovery Network is a series of centers in the U.S. that are committed to the same values; providing exceptional treatment tailored to the individual via industry-leading doctors and clinicians dedicated to mental health and drug addiction treatment.

Our facilities are geographically situated to assist in our patient’s recovery in a confidential environment where they are, and feel safe, secure and comfortable. Our patients need to build self-esteem and the locale does matter.

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