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united healthcare insurancePrinceton Detox & Recovery Center is the tri-state area’s leading addiction detox center, and as such, we will manage your specific case with the individualized treatment plan that is most effective and beneficial to you. This includes working closely with United Healthcare to help cover the cost of treatment and ensure its affordability.

United Healthcare is one of several insurance providers accepted by Princeton Detox & Recovery Center. Your United Healthcare coverage may pay some costs of your inpatient treatment, outpatient services, or after care programs. Factors considered include past use of coverage for substance abuse treatment or inpatient mental health services, the details of your individualized treatment plan, and the stipulations of your specific United Healthcare plan.

Variables to Substance Abuse Treatment Costs May Include:
• Past use of coverage for treatment
• Detoxification medications needed
• The length of your residential treatment stay
• The details of your treatment and therapy plan
• Your United Healthcare plan deductible and co-pay
• Your United Healthcare summary of benefits and coverage (SBC)

United Healthcare is among the nation’s top healthcare providers, serving approximately 45 million Americans. The United Healthcare network includes over 855,000 doctors and caregivers across more than 6,100 facilities nationwide. The benefits of your United Healthcare plan may include United Behavioral Health, which offers coverage specifically for mental health services, including substance abuse treatment. Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, mental and behavioral health services are now considered essential coverage and must be provided by all insurers. United Healthcare’s behavioral health network covers access to over 80,000 certified behavioral healthcare providers, including social workers and counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists at more than 3,600 facilities nationwide.

Benefits of the United Healthcare Network Include
• Over 850,000 caregivers at 6,000 facilities nationwide
• Over 80,000 Behavioral Health providers at 3,600 facilities nationwide
• Plans that meet the Minimum Value Standard of 60% coverage
• Plans that the Minimum Essential Coverage as required by the ACA

While some United Healthcare employer-based based plans may differ, all individual Health Insurance Marketplace plans must provide coverage for substance abuse treatment and behavioral health counseling or inpatient services. Marketplace plans cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, nor can they place spending limits on substance abuse treatment services. To get the most from your health insurance plan, contact a Recovery Specialist at 1-877-508-2278. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we believe treatment should be affordable for everyone, and we will do everything we can to be as flexible as possible in working with your health insurance provider.

To best understand your United Healthcare benefits, call us with the following information ready:
• Prospective client’s full name and date of birth
• United Healthcare policy holder’s name
• Member ID or policy number
• Type of plan

With your full name and date of birth, policy name and member number, we can provide you with an understanding of your insurance benefits as they apply to your stay at the Princeton Detox & Recovery Center. Please contact us or call 1-877-508-2278 with your health insurance-related questions to see if your United Healthcare policy will provide coverage for your stay. Rest assured that we take your confidentiality seriously, and adhere to all privacy and HIPAA regulations.

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