Methamphetamine Detox

Withdrawal from methamphetamines is often both traumatic and painful. It can be so unpleasant that users relapse to avoid the symptoms they’re experiencing while going through the process. Acute withdrawal can include extreme symptoms such as paranoia and hallucinations, even suicidal thoughts. It is easy to understand why a patient would consider starting to use meth again to make these symptoms go away.

Crystal Meth Withdrawal Timeline

Meth withdrawal timeline symptoms begin to present themselves within about 24 hours after the last dose is taken. Patients will experience fatigue and may sleep more often and for longer than usual. Within one to three days, feelings of depression may start to set in.

After day four of meth detox, symptoms become increasingly complex. Cravings and mood swings become more prominent and, in more severe cases, this is typically when paranoia sets in.

Once the patient has reached day 11 or so, there may be a period when the person going through withdrawal, although fatigued, will suffer from insomnia. Depression and intense cravings will continue until about a full month after the detox process began.

Month Two and Beyond

At this point in recovery, most patients will begin to feel better. But, depressive thoughts may persist and cravings for the drug may still linger. Although feeling healthier at this point in the process, the patient still remains vulnerable to relapse.

The recovery period is tough, and going through it alone can make it almost impossible to succeed. Our staff of professionals understands the process, anticipates what’s ahead, and is on-hand and ready to help, 24/7.

Three-Stage Process

Princeton Detox & Recovery Center follows a proven three-stage process:

  • Evaluation – each patient is assessed on admission to determine their health and well-being. Current usage and all other medically relevant details are documented for evaluation.
  • Stabilization – this is the process of keeping the patient in good health while undergoing the process of withdrawal and recovery. With the patient’s drug and medical information in place, the staff can form and administer an appropriate treatment program.
  • Transition – understanding that cravings can continue for months and even sometimes years after withdrawal, we recognize the need to equip patients with all the skills necessary to stay clean.

Around-the-clock Supervision

At the center’s inpatient facility, we provide 24-hour support and monitoring. By consistently observing what the patient is experiencing, our medical staff is on-hand surveilling the patient’s vital signs and ready to react appropriately, given an expected or unexpected event occurs.

In some situations, we may see fit to reduce, or switch, the medication(s) being given to the patient. We have both the training and the proper equipment to effectively deal with emergency situations and are always a step ahead of the next phase of the crystal meth detox process.

Rehabilitation Focuses on the Individual

People going through recovery need to be able to manage their cravings going forward, and we make specific therapy or therapies available so that each individual receives the tools they need to succeed in both the short and long-term. Often this will include tools to help them understand and manage the psychological effects of methamphetamine addiction and recovery. In most cases, it’s extremely helpful for the patient to understand the underlying causes and effects of their addiction and be made aware of what they can expect going forward.

Meth Addiction Treatment at Princeton Detox & Recovery Center

Our medical team at the Princeton Detox & Recovery Center has the experience, skill and professional expertise to help patients overcome their methamphetamine addiction. Our clinical practitioners, doctors and nurses have an incisive understanding of the acute phases of addiction, detox and recovery and has decades of experience in their knowledge of, and the administration of, what can best help each individual.

As part of our team of professionals on staff, our therapists and case managers use their extensive experience to help provide a solid foundation needed for a successful long-term recovery.

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