Heroin Withdrawal

The bad news is that withdrawal from heroin can be a difficult and unpleasant process. The good news is that with assistance from Princeton Detox & Recovery, patients can successfully make it through detox, rehabilitation, and the aftercare treatment program to return into the world as a fully-functioning and productive individual.

Dependence and Heroin Addiction

Addiction is defined as the use of a substance regardless of the negative consequences. Dependence is where the body becomes used to the substance and requires it to function normally. The two often go hand in hand but not always. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we know the difference between the two, and professionally help our patients to overcome either or both.

Sequence of Heroin Withdrawal

From the time that the patient uses last, it typically takes about 6-12 hours before they begin to feel the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. The symptoms peak and fall for about 1-3 days with the most intense symptoms tapering off over the following week or so. After the actual detox period is over, symptoms can continue to persist, so our programs most often include future counseling and follow-up therapies to help the patient slowly and successfully reintegrate back into society and a healthy daily routine.

Medical Detox

After a full medical evaluation, our team of professionals will construct a program geared to the needs of the individual patient. We may prescribe medications to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and depending on the severity and the unique needs of the person, the medications may differ.

We then help the patient through the acute withdrawal period. During this time when the patient is most at risk of relapse, our 24-hour care will ensure that we’re right there to help the patient through the process while they’re in their most vulnerable state.

In severe cases, the body can become shocked, resulting in convulsions, seizures and even hallucinations. Our medical team will be there to respond quickly, adjusting replacement medications and treating symptoms as needed.

Post Detox Treatment

With heroin out of the patient’s system, rehabilitation can begin. Rehabilitation will consist of different treatment for different people and will depend highly on the circumstances of each patient. Most commonly, individual therapy, group therapy or family therapy will be included in the rehab plan.

When to Consider an Inpatient Program for Heroin Detox

Princeton Detox & Recovery advises patients to consider medical detox in the following circumstances:

  • In cases of severe addiction
  • Where the patient is without support at home
  • Where being an outpatient exposes the patient to ‘triggers’

Ongoing Case Management

All patients at Princeton Detox & Recovery Center will be assigned a case manager who will get to know each individual very well. With a thorough understanding of personal needs and weaknesses, the case manager will be able to construct an individualized program of addiction services and an appropriate post detox program.

The Case Manager also acts as a single point of contact for family members and becomes a pivotal guide and advocate for the heroin addiction treatment recovery program.

Post Treatment Plan

Post-treatment plans are an integral part of any successful recovery. The program may include outpatient visits or assistance in finding sober living arrangements. We take the needs of each patient into account and create a customized program to foster long term success.

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