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At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center our medically-supervised drug detox program, which lasts 4-10 days, is designed by highly qualified and experienced medical and clinical professionals and prioritizes individualized care that meets a client’s unique needs. Instead of experiencing detox in a sterile hospital environment, clients detox in a home-like setting with around-the-clock care.

During the detox process, we will:

Drug addiction is a physically, emotionally and psychologically devastating disease. Those struggling with drug addiction will lose sight of who they are, what their purpose is and why they deserve a better way of life. Once an individual does become willing to seek treatment, doing so quickly is of the utmost importance. The first phase of every recovery program will be drug detox, during which an individual will undergo physical withdrawal in a safe, supportive, medically monitored environment. The main goals of medical drug detox are to reduce the physical discomfort associated with withdrawal, eliminate cravings in order to prevent relapse, and prepare a client for the next appropriate level of care in the multi-phased, drug addiction recovery model.

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Detox Programs

Detox is necessary to cleanse the body of addictive substances without jeopardizing comfort or safety. We ensure an exceptionally comfortable detox facility run by a compassionate and skilled staff. Princeton Detox & Recovery Center offers several different types of medically-supervised detox service, including:

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Detox Services

Client safety and comfort are essential during this first phase of recovery. We rely on several methods to ensure an effective detox while keeping clients comfortable and alleviating withdrawal symptoms:

Clinical and medical assessment Before detox begins, we perform an in-depth clinical and medical assessment that gives us insight into a client’s specific needs. We then create an individualized detox plan that takes all factors of a client’s personal history into consideration. We closely examine physical health, severity of and length of substance use, family history, medical needs and potential underlying mental health conditions. Having a comprehensive understanding of a client helps us develop a more informed and effective detox plan.

24-hour clinical and medical care Safety is paramount. Clients going through the 7-10 day detox phase of recovery are monitored by clinical and medical staff 24/7 for any potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms and other medical complications. Staff members will be available to provide any additional comfort-based amenities that may be requested.

Medication management Clients begin their journey to recovery in the safest, most comfortable way possible. We do everything in our power to alleviate physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms by providing each patient with a research-backed medication regimen unique to their needs that is safely administered by a fully-trained member of our staff.

Case management Detox can be an emotional, overwhelming time for clients and their families who just want answers. Princeton Detox & Recovery Center helps eliminate stress by assigning a case manager to each client. A case manager serves as a primary point of contact and an advocate for the client’s care, ensuring a successful, safe and comfortable detox.

Relapse prevention training Teaching clients and their families about relapse triggers and healthy coping skills is a very important component of detox. We begin relapse prevention training at the earliest possible phase of recovery. We also believe that family involvement is hugely important when it comes to successful, long-term recovery. We provide the family members of our clients with insight on how to best help their loved ones avoid relapse after completing inpatient drug detox.

Family program In addition to educating families about relapse prevention techniques, we also provide training specifically for family members. We help families work towards improving their understanding of the disease of addiction while learning how to support their loved ones in healthy ways rather than unintentionally enabling them.

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