Cocaine Detox

Cocaine withdrawal might not furnish the same physical symptoms and effects that some other substance withdrawal does, but this type of detox often comes with a set of problems all its own. Cocaine sends elevated levels of dopamine to the parts of the brain that control pleasure, which is why the drug’s effect is often called a ‘high’.

Effects of Cocaine Withdrawal are Quickly Felt

The effects of withdrawal from cocaine are often experienced very quickly after detox begins. Technically, cocaine has a very short half-life which is why users seem to always be searching for another ‘hit’ when using, with an increasing difficulty to quell the urge for more. The withdrawal effects can be felt as quickly as 90 minutes after the last dose used.

Ready to Treat the Urge

Princeton Detox & Recovery Center focuses on individual care. We know that everyone is different and will respond best to different stimuli, depending on their specific needs and circumstances. We understand what the patient is going through and that they are experiencing what can be described as the exact opposite of being high while going through withdrawal. Each patient’s experience is different, depending on how long and how intensely the person has been using.

Outpatient or Residential Medical Detox?

Sometimes, the right thing for a given patient is to be treated via outpatient care. If the patient has a strong support network at home, outpatient treatment could be the best treatment plan.

We do also recognize that everyone’s circumstances may differ and that the 24-hour supervision that medical detox addiction treatment provides is sometimes the most appropriate path to take. We may recommend residential medical detox where:

  • The patient has had a relapse during a past withdrawal attempt
  • The patient has no, or a very limited, support system at home
  • The patient has a history of depression or suicidal thoughts

Cocaine floods the brain with a feeling of happiness. When this feeling is no longer being experienced and the euphoric high is gone, depression can set in. In cases such as this, the patient is then at a higher risk of suicide, and having a highly-trained medical team to assist with treatment becomes truly invaluable. Our staff understands the process, has seen it first hand, and is available to help – 24/7.

How Long Will It Take?

The length of time one will require to complete the process of cocaine withdrawal and recovery will highly depend on the individual and their given circumstances. If a patient has been using adulterated cocaine and has ultimately been taking less of the drug than someone who regularly uses pure cocaine, the recovery process may be significantly shorter. On the other hand, if a user also has other mental health issues, the process may take longer – it all depends on the individual. Nonetheless, we have cocaine detox programs to deal with any array of issues quickly and effectively.

Cocaine Detox at Princeton Detox & Recovery Center

Our center is organized to help patients recover from cocaine use. From initial consultation to the conclusion of treatment, Princeton Detox & Recovery Center has the expertise, experience and programs to see each patient through to a successful recovery.

When we say that we understand how a patient feels when going through the recovery process, we mean it. Our staff has decades of clinical, pharmacological and therapeutic experience to help get patients strong enough to control their cravings on their own. Our programs and methodology have been proven to succeed.

We do not work in isolation – we rely on the support, experience and knowledge of other experts in the field of recovery. As a part of the Guardian Recovery Network, we are one of an elite set of detox and recovery centers at the leading edge of cocaine addiction treatment practices.

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