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Congratulations to Staci Ellis, who was recently promoted from Princeton Detox & Recovery Center’s Lead Technician to Counselor Intern. As Staci continues to pursue her goal of becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, she will have the opportunity to work directly with clients in an individual and group setting while guiding the family members of clients through the first stages of the treatment process.

The Role of Counselor Intern

“I first gained experience in sober houses and doing community outreach for an infectious disease doctor,” Staci explained when asked how she was first introduced to the field of addiction treatment and recovery.

“In July of 2020 I started as a BHT [Behavioral Health Technician] at Princeton. I soon transitioned into the role of Lead Tech, and since March of this year I’ve been working as a Counselor Intern.”

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As a Counselor Intern, Staci works directly with clients and their loved ones. “I meet with clients every day, help them develop personalized plans for aftercare, work with them on the development of relapse prevention techniques, and help them work through lingering symptoms of post-acute withdrawal,” she says. “I also help the families of our clients stay involved in the treatment process. We educate family members on the Disease Model of Addiction and provide them with any resources they might need. We also update family members on the progress of the client on a daily or near-daily basis.”

Staying the Course

Staci fills a range of important roles, though one of the most imperative might be encouraging clients to continue with addiction treatment after detox.

“If a client isn’t onboard with aftercare, we do everything in our power to change their mind,” she explains.

“Continuing care is extremely important to ongoing sobriety. We write impact letters, hold phone interventions, encourage families to visit the facility — we take every step we can to ensure clients stay the course. No client leaves our facility without an aftercare plan in place.”

Staci Ellis staff spotlight

A Unique Addiction Treatment Program

“The Princeton program is phenomenal because everyone works closely together like a well-oiled machine,” Staci says. “We maintain open lines of communication, everyone works together to develop treatment plans, and we put everything into play in the best interest of the client. We meet our clients exactly where they are. We also focus on individualized care; every client is their own person. Nothing is cut and dry. Every individual and every family is viewed as completely unique. We offer endless support to the family members of our clients, even during off-hours or in the middle of the night. There is always someone available to speak to.”

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On a Personal Note

In talking about her personal experiences with substance use, Staci says, “I’m in recovery myself. I’ve struggled; my whole family struggled with this for a long time. My mom committed suicide because she just couldn’t get clean. I set my sights on getting better and getting sober, and I found that the best way to heal was by helping other people. By helping other families, so they didn’t have to experience what we did.”

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“You have no idea what recovery could offer you,” Staci concludes. “People who are afraid to seek treatment might be afraid of failure, or they might have a fear of hope. Maybe they are afraid to hope that they could actually do this. I encourage everyone struggling with addiction to take a leap of faith. Let others guide you.”

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