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At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we conduct in-depth clinical and medical assessments for each client prior to entering treatment. Such an extensive assessment process gives us the opportunity to understand a client’s specific needs and design an individualized treatment plan that takes his or her addiction, mental health and any urgent medical concerns into consideration.

Our assessment process is comprised of three distinct evaluations: medical, psychosocial and physical. Clients begin the assessment period almost immediately upon arriving at Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, meeting with a physician and primary counselor within 24 hours of arrival.

Medical Evaluation

Addiction is a complicated disease, which is why admission requires a thorough examination of a client’s medical, substance use and family histories. Taking all aspects of a client’s health into consideration allows us to provide an individualized treatment plan that not only addresses the addiction, but any underlying medical concerns as well.

An assessment of a client’s medical history will look at:

  • Physical issues, such as injuries or illnesses
  • Psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety or insomnia
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Family medical history

Psychosocial Evaluation

In addition to assessing medical history, we also aim to learn more about our clients from psychological and social perspectives. At Princeton Detox & Recovery Center, we use the psychosocial evaluation model to gain a comprehensive understanding of the many factors that influence a client’s physical and mental health. We want to provide the most comprehensive care possible, and that involves identifying and treating all off the issues at play, not just the addiction.

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